I. Editorial Review Board Members

The Editorial Review Board assists in establishing the tone and the content that best exemplifies and advances the intended aims of this new journal, as well as the interests of elementary and secondary school stakeholders, through the selection and approval of articles for publication.  This board also assists in the creation and maintenance of high quality publication standards for praxis-oriented research and critical essays in its adoption and decision making practices, mindful of the needs of educators at these school levels, as well as the needs of college based faculty in their development of grounded theory. 

This board also assists in identifying and soliciting the services of other qualified professionals competent to review articles submitted for publication.  Editorial board members may be called upon to be the lead reviewer or referee for articles under consideration.  In general, each article will have 2-3 reviewers, i.e., 1-2 practitioner reviewers at either the elementary or secondary school level (consistent with the focus of the study under reviewed) and one college-based faculty with expertise in the conduct of action research or site-based inquiry and problem solving.  

Editorial board members will participate in and advance the work of the article review process in the following manner: 

• Read and provide written feedback on articles submitted for journal publication  consistent with the aims (i.e., praxis-orientation and methodological standards), policies and procedures established by Best Practices

• Provide review feedback in a prompt and timely fashion, i.e., in a maximum of 90 days. 

• Facilitate the article correction process, e.g., re-reading corrected manuscripts and providing feedback also in a timely fashion. 

• Maintain records of all journal related work, and 

• Participate in from one to two tele-conferenced editorial board meetings each year.  

II. Associate/Administrative Editors

Associate/Administrative Editors are responsible for advancing the 'public face' of the Journal through the dissemination of the Journal's existence and aims to both the target populations and to the public at large.  The Associate Editors maintain primary responsibility for the Journal's public relations activities.  
 The specific duties and responsibilities for individuals filling this position are to: 

• Work closely with the Editor-in-Chief to maintain the integrity and advance the stated aims and objectives of the Journal. 

• Maintain knowledge of and currency with the emerging trends, concerns, and needs of the Journal's target audience,  

• Work with the Editor-in-Chief to ensure the timeliness and relevance of the Journal's content. 

• Facilitate the article solicitation process. 

• Develop and manage the journal's public relations process, including the identification of appropriate PR vehicles and sites, and the creation of appropriate outreach materials.

• Work with the Editor-in-Chief to develop ways to keep the journal vital, lively and useful to subscriber. 

• Manage communications with other Editorial Boards, including Board emails, and the scheduling of Board meetings. 

• Secure and draft all publication agreements with the Volume authors.